Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Check this kid out!

Our friend Mallory took some pictures of Cole. Here is one of my favorites!

Friday, August 13, 2010

15 Months

Since blogging is not my forte and I've neglected it for almost 4 months, I'm stuck in a situation where I'm forced to outline all that has happened since March/April. Yikes.

Here is what Cole does now:

When asked, Cole can show you his belly, feet, ears, nose, mouth and eyes. He gets it right 90% of the time. He can do the same with most of the animals in his books (he always hisses when he sees a snake in a book).

When you say the word "bath," he runs to the bathroom.

He can say poo poo to let you know he needs a diaper (Come on potty training!)

He kissed Lily Pine on the mouth twice Sunday night. She didn't complain :)

His favorite words to say are Pop, more, dog (woof woof), duck, night night, knock knock, ball, mama, daddy and bubble.

His favorite word to hear is "outside."

He loves anything that involves water (primarily, the water hose).

He hates it when we wipe his nose but has learned to wipe his own nose.

His hair gets whiter every day.

He's not so sure about the ocean or the sand. He thinks they're out to get him.

He loves popsicles, raisins, grapes, watermelon, spaghetti and any kind of chip or cracker. Recently he learned to eat a plum without having it cut up...all the time calling it a "ball." The produce stand really overwhelms him because of all the ball-shaped fruit. He just yells "ball" the entire time.

He loves throwing balls.

He got his first haircut (along with a Certificate of Bravery).

Hmm...I'm sitting here trying to write something that isn't about Cole, but I can't think of anything! That's it for now. I swear I will post pictures soon (soon being a relative term).

Sunday, April 25, 2010

So... here is a post I wrote just before Cole turned 1 on April 28. As you all know, I didn't post it...which really secures my place in line as the worst blogger in history. Anyway, here's the old post.

Cole will be 1 on wednesday. I don't know where the time went! It feels like we just had him. In any event, he's down for a nap right now. The only time he's still these days is when he's napping. He loves anything that happens outside. He can climb on and off of all his toys. He loves it when his daddy puts him on his shoulders. He loves putting lids on anything and everything - his bottle, his head, our heads, etc. He loves the swing at the park. He loves cuddling up in a blanket (but only for about 15 seconds at a time). He really really loves his wagon. Meme got him a baby pool this weekend, and I'm certain he will love that also. If he ever wakes up, we'll go try it out!

In any event, to sum it up, I saw a quote this weekend and can't get it out of my head - "The good things in life aren't things." So true. Cole is such a huge, huge blessing.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

These boots were made for...


Cole started walking on Wednesday! We are so excited. Of course, he is a bit tentative right now. He will walk about 4 or 5 feet and then resort to crawling. But, he loves walking and smiles when he does it. I think he learned because of the very cute walker we have on loan from the Rushes (thanks!) and the fact that he moved up to the big kid class where many kids walk around him every day.

I'll post a video soon (but of course, I can't find where Brad saved it on the computer so I can't upload it now). But, I wanted to do a quick post so I remember when the walking started (at just over ten months)...

And, while I'm here...basically, it's the best day ever. Congrats to Ernie, Ashley, Trace and baby Fisher (born today weighing in at 9 pound, 1.3 ounces) and Jon, Erin and baby Grady (born today weighing in at 7 pounds 11 ounces). Two babies in one day! What could be better?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Catch Up

In the past month, we've had a lot of fun! Cole is now ten months old and he's so so close to walking. He moved up to the one-year-old class at daycare. Big boy. Recently, his favorite thing to do is clap...which is precious. Over Mardi Gras, we went to Fausse Point with family and great friends. Gammy and Pop bought Cole a wagon...which he loves! He also liked the cake pops and all the other little kids. Here are some recent pictures. Thanks Krista!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So Big

Today we took Cole to his nine month check up. He weighs 22 pounds 1 ounce (the 75th percentile), and he's 29 3/4 inches tall (the 95th percentile). His head size is in the 97th percentile. Thus, he is a big big boy all around! Most days, his daycare teacher feeds him the school lunch (adult table food), and she wants to move him up to the one year old class two months early. I'm not sure how I feel about that because I don't want him to grow up :)