Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Catch Up

In the past month, we've had a lot of fun! Cole is now ten months old and he's so so close to walking. He moved up to the one-year-old class at daycare. Big boy. Recently, his favorite thing to do is clap...which is precious. Over Mardi Gras, we went to Fausse Point with family and great friends. Gammy and Pop bought Cole a wagon...which he loves! He also liked the cake pops and all the other little kids. Here are some recent pictures. Thanks Krista!


  1. WOW! What a handosme guy! I love the picture of him looking up with those baby blues. Precious~

  2. I might be a prejudice, but I'm pretty sure he is the cutest kid ever!!! :) I can't wait to make his birthday cake pops!!

  3. Tori,
    I can't believe he is so big! What a beautiful young man you have! Those eyes will probably be able to get him whatever his little heart desires! Hadley is 12 months old and she only weighs 19 lbs.!